Tuesday, January 12, 2016

About: Syed Ali Mujtaba PhD

     Syed Ali Mujtaba PhD
1-  Current Position: Dr Syed is currently working as Head of the Department Visual Communication at Gurunanak College Chennai. He last worked as Principal, National College of Design, Chennai. www.ncdindia.com. Previously, he worked as Head of Department for Media Studies at  several institutions in Chennai; Media Arts and Science College (MASC), SSS. Jain College, Vels University, Manipal University etc. He has been visiting faculty at number of institutions in Chennai.
2-     Teaching career: Syed has been a full time media faculty for about ten  years now. He has taught papers in Journalism, Mass Communication, Visual Communication and Film Studies etc. 
3-     Education: Syed is MA, MA, M.Phil, and PhD & NET. He has bachelors and Master degree in History from AMU Aligarh, MA Journalism and Mass Communication from Alagappa University. He has taken M.Phil & PhD from School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
4-     Distinction: Syed has qualified National Education Test (NET), conducted by University Grant Commission, India.He was a Jeffeson Fellow in 2003. 
5-     Journalist Career: Syed spent about fifteen years in active Journalism working for several media organization in India and abroad. Hs career is spread over to print, television, internet and radio. As freelance he continues to write for several newspapers, news syndicates and websites and magazines.
6-     Jefferson Fellow: Syed earned the prestigious Jefferson Fellow media award at East West Center, Hawaii, in 2003.
7-     Documentary Filmmaker: Syed has made two documentary films. “Beyond Empires,” for Lamppost Media USA and “Making a Difference” on the street children of Chennai.
8-     Author:  Syed has authored two books, “The Demand for Partition of India and British Policy 1940-45,” Mittal Publisher (2002) and “Soundings on South Asia”, Sterling – New Dawn Publication (2005). He has contributed a chapter each to four edited volumes. His research papers have appeared in several reputed journals in India and abroad.
9-     Travel: As a Jefferson fellow he has travelled to several cities in the US, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore. He was in UK to pursue doctoral research. He was in Thailand twice to attend media conferences He also visited Nepal for academic purpose.
10-  Affiliations: Syed is a member of International Federation of Environmental Journalist Association (IFEJA) and Association of British Scholars, Chennai chapter. He is also member of East West Center Hawaii, Chennai Chapter and  member of Indibloger..
11-  Social Network:  Syed is the founder and moderator of South Asia Contact Group.  He can be searched at Google, U tube, facebook, twitter etc.
12-  Blog: http://mujtabas-musings.blogspot.com/. He is member of Indibloger.com
13-  Extracurricular: Syed was in the Aligarh Muslim University’s Football team.

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