Thursday, June 5, 2014

India a moving anarchy stands vindicated

India a moving anarchy stands vindicated 
Syed Ali Mujtaba

The recent developments in the country are quite appalling. There are two powerful events that has shaken the nation. One is the heinous crime of rape and murder in UP and other the gruesome killing of an innocent Muslim youth in Pune. Both the events vindicates the idea that India is a moving anarchy.

On 27 May two girls aged 12 and 14 from an oppressed caste family of Katra Sadatganj in Badaun district of UP were sexually assaulted and killed when out to answer the call of the nature. The rapists, belonging to the local dominant caste, hung their bodies from a tree in a public display of their power.

In the Badaun rape and murder case the accused includes two police men. The police station in charge refused to file an FIR when informed about the missing girls by the father of one of them, a casual wage-labourer. The accused belong to the core caste base of the ruling party in UP.This reported case of rape and murder in UP has shamed the nation.

There are reports of rape from Rajasthan coming as well. Earlier in March four minor Dalit girls were raped in Bhagana village of Haryana. It seems that the season of rape has begun once again in the country.

Even though the United Nations has taken cognizance of the developments in India and has issued statement against this alarming trend, the country seems to have accepted it as a moving anarchy syndrome.
Even media in the country is quite mellowed in reporting these events. If we compare the reportage of December 2012 rape incident in New Delhi, there is little anger in media regarding such heinous crime. Even the response of the Civil Society to these cases is very meek. It seems every one has accepted it as a fait accompli.

The other trend that is growing momentum is the perpetration of hate crime in the country. On 2 June in Pune, twenty-eight year old Mohsin Shaikh, an information technology professional was beaten to death by a Hindu mob for alleged morphing of pictures of some Maratha icons. The mob belonged to a group of men of an outfit called Hindu Rashtra Sena.

The killers even celebrated their cruelty in messages declaring that the ‘the first wicket is down’.  This is the most sordid saga of hate crime.

In Pune the political context of the murder cannot be discounted. The state assembly elections in Maharashtra are a few months away, and the hyper activity of extremist groups is an attempt to polarize voters on religious grounds. Hatred of religious minorities has always been the ideological core of the BJP’s politics.

It is not long ago that the media reported the lynching of Nido Tania, a northeast student in New Delhi. The response was mute whimper in the media about this racial crime, but soon the voices of sanity got drowned in the crescendo of moving anarchy.

The stoke silence of Prime Minister Narender Modi on string of rape incidents in the country and on the killing of Pune’s technique’s killing is puzzling. At least Manmohan Singh raised concern over the murder of northeast boy Nido Taniam’s murder. The new PM’s silence is giving impression that he is sympathizing with the killers. It’s the same impression he gave to the post Godhara killings of the Muslims in Gujarat.

If this is the case is there any moral consciousness left in the country, or every one likes to brush these events under the carpet saying, India is a moving anarchy and such things are part and parcel of the country. India has never been close to moving anarchy that as it is now. Certainly, the adage stands vindicated in its letters and spirits.

Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at

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