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Uttarakhand Disaster - Where is Hindu charity?

Uttarakhand Disaster - Where is Hindu charity?
Syed Ali Mujtaba

I am surprised by the conspiracy of silence of the so called custodians of Hindu faith who have not yet come up to extend moral, monetary and other forms support for the reconstruction of the disaster struck Uttarakhand, the bode of Hindu shrines and Hindu  holy places.

In India there are stinking rich NGOs, Gurus, Swamis and super rich swamis who survive on their faith base identities. Why are they not coming forward and extending solace to their Dev Bhumi where Hindu pilgrims folk with impunity. ? Why they are hiding their coffers from those who have given it to them, at a time when they are begging for survival.

Where are the NRIs who are the main financers of Gujarat Chief Minister Nrander Modi’s Hindutva campaign not pooling in their hard earned money for the reconstruction of the Hindu pilgrimage places in Uttrakhand? Are they convinced that their money is for political purposes only and not religious charitable purposes of Hindutva campaign?

Where are the RSS cadre the nickerwals, who are running shakhs in many nook and corners of India, why they are not rushing to Uttrakhand to help the humanity at large? Where is their cultural ethos? Why is the Nagpur cabinet not issuing any diktat to their well-dressed cadres.

Where are Trishul wielding Shiv Saniks, why they are not attending to the call of Lord Shiva from holy land of Uttrakhand. Why not the Thackreys leading a padyatra from Maharastra to Uttrakhand to help the bhakts of Shiva seeking help at this moment of crisis?

Where are the Banjrag Dal activists, the live-wires of Hindutva campaign who gets mobilized in no time to cause fury, why are they having no time to respond to the most sacred places of Hindus in India?

Last but not the least the BJP, whose clarion call Mandir whoin Baneyege, once ranted the air in their Ayodhya campaign, why they are silent when Kedarnath mandir is staring at their face for rebuilding.

Where are Mukthar Abbas Naqvis and Shanawaz Hussain, why are they not leading a chariot procession of Hindu followers to rebuild Urrakhand.

The hypocrisy of the so called custodians of the Hindu faith stands exposed.

Uttarakhand is facing the worst ever tragedies. The stories of human greed and abuse are trickling in and there is total absence of human kindness and compassion in this hour of crisis. As Indians we feel ashamed that we are not doing enough to help the victims of the tragedies.

Everyone is watching with abject apathy the relief and rescue work done by the government and our brave security forces that are rendering their yeomen services. They are criticizing the relief and rescue operations however; none is coming forward to chip in their resources for the survival of many Indians.

It’s time for Indian to do some introspection and start making sincere effort to mitigate the sufferings of the fellow Indians stranded in Uttrakhand. Leaving it to the government or blaming religious bodies of not doing enough will be skirting the problem and their responsibilities.

The onus is on every Indian, who loves his country to wake up and stand up for the cause to build a new India.
Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at

Readers reaction & my reply

Dear Mr. Mujtaba,
I refer to your article 'Uttarakhand Calamity: Where is Hindu charity?' As a response to some of your unfounded accusations, I like to say that the Ramakrishna Mission has been working from Day 1 of the disaster providing succour and help. The RSS swayamsevaks did everything that was possible in that situation. RSS youngsters were the first to reach Gauri Kund and provide food, water and solace to dejected, fatigued, yatris enveloped in hopelessness. And so were the Gayatri Parivar, local NGOs, the police association, college student unions, etc. the wonderful and selfless contribution of the RSS was completely ignored by the media.  The "stinking rich" Hindu NRIs you refer to are helping: quietly and without the noise and show.  I would send you a link to the following article from an organization that is certainly not a mouthpiece of the RSS. slide-show/slide-show-1- uttarakhand-catastrophe-the- horror-and-the-new-gods/ 20130627.htm#3

Best regards,
JR Rao


Sir,  greetings from Chennai, it’s great to hear from you and thanks for clearing my thoughts as I watch the developments of Uttrakhand from Madras. There was no malice in my write-up, and certainly not any iota of hatred that you read between the lines. As an Indian I was just moved by the ill-fated calamity and amazed by absolutely no response from the Hindu institutions of charity. With your response I am heartened that there are people who are quietly on the job. Please do not misunderstand me; it was just an outburst of common man saddened by the developments in his country.

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