Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Community, Causes and Networking at IndiBloggers Meet

Community, Causes and Networking at IndiBloggers Meet

Community, causes and networking and celebrating blogging  seemed to be at the heart of the IndiBlogger meet on May 26 2013, at Hotel Hyatt Regancy, Chennai.

Over 200 Chennai based bloggers associated with the IndiBlogger attended the event, which was marked by fun frolic and doing something silly. Up on grab was Samsung Galaxy S4, Ambi Pur car fresheners, cinema tickets, T shirts and of course free lunch.

As head start, a breezy '30 seconds of fame' session followed, where bloggers introduced themselves. Up next was a sumptuous Hyatt Regency lunch with delicious. I enjoyed the desert and had two rounds of it. Well i am sweet tooth!  

During the lunch, Bloggers were invited to take part in a surprise activity where they were blind-folded and escorted into a white sedan car that was emitting Ambi Pur car freshener.  Those who experienced it tweeted about this and the tweet 'the car you pushed me in to, smelt much better than the world I was born into' was awarded a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Each blogger received an Ambi Pur Car Freshener mini clip packs that came in five different flavours. Each flavour holder was grouped in as a team and there were five teams formed. Each team had to do a skit assigned to them with the Ambi Pur Car Freshener flavour being the swan song. .

The teams had interesting themes such as 'Malayalam Art Picture' 'Office Romance', 'Rajinikanth style' etc.

I was in the New Zealander freshener team and our skit was 'Office Romance.' I had some experience of doing this when I was teaching at Manipal U. I was able conceive and design the entire plot of office romance in no time and this was accepted by the group mates.

 It was simply two act skit; a multi-level romance was going on in an office called Nathan & Co. At one level, it’s between boss and secretary, at other, between the courier boy and the receptionist, then the HR and a job seeker, and finally with the office boy and the cleaning maid.

However each one’s seem to be in a foul mood that day because bad odor in the air was playing spoilsport. I enter the scene as a protagonist and fix the Ambi Pur Car Freshener in the ACs that was put up as prop. . Suddenly, the entire environment changes with the freeze of fresh air and the office romance starts blooming again .

After this bloggers associated with a number of causes spoke about their respective cause over brief presentations. They included prevention of discrimination based on skin color, welfare of school children, improving civic sense etc.

Networking was high on priority in these meets, and each one was happy making friends, meeting bloggers across the genres. The event was wounded up with a photo session and a refreshing HI tea that included coffee and snacks.

Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at syedalimujtaba@yahoo.com

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