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World class animated TV series,” The 99"

World class animated TV series,” The 99"
Syed Ali Mujtaba

The 99 animated television serial for children is soon going to cross swords with Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and all such likes. Even as the toons are going to be benefited by the new addition, the established names in such format of entertainment are going to get a run for their money.

Jointly produced by the 99 parent company, Teshkeel Media Group, and Endemol UK, the words largest syndicator of television programes, the 99 animated series is going to be a regular feature on the television screens from the middle of 2011.

The 99 is inspired from the Quranic concept of knowledge the suggest that there are ninety-nine salutary names of Allah, The 99' revolves around the hackneyed theme of good versus evil but what makes the story different is the racy mix of action and drama with the incorporation of traditional values.

The 99 created as positive role models for the world's children offering universal themes of tolerance and teamwork. It’s a household comic book in many countries and hugely popular among the toon audiences of such countries.

Naif-al -Mutuwa, founder and Chairman of the 99 is one the script writer of the comic strip is recently recognized for his efforts and chosen as the world economic forum's young global leaders for the year 2011.

The honor is bestowed each year to outstanding young leaders from around the world for their professional accomplishment, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world.

The comic is now being made into an animated television series with an estimated cost of two million pound. It is produced at the Sanraa Media Ltd, a production house specializing in animated films in Chennai, India,

Hundreds of animators and graphic artists had put their hard work, to bring to life this popular comic series. The 26-episode project, each episode lasting 22 minutes, is ready and will soon hit the markets in South East Asia, the Gulf, Europe and elsewhere.

"What makes the work challenging and interesting is the fact that each of the 99 heroes has one particular trait, such as knowledge. When that character teams up with another that has mercy or any of the other qualities, the energy levels released should be phenomenal, and the animation should reflect a synergy between both," says said Sukumar Subramainam, director, Sanraa Media.

"It was demanding project and being a 3D animation, we have to come up with human characteristics in toon form, The challenge lies in bringing to life the vibrant energy that is caused when four super hero, or even six of them come together on a frame,” adds Subramaniam.

As the world market for animation series for the toon is growing, Chennai is fast emerging as a hub for animation production. There are many such productions from Japan, Malaysia and the United Kingdom that’s being produced from the studios in Chennai.

To know more about “The 99”, follow the link of my story “The 99-World Class Brand with Muslim Values”:,ckl

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