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Reaction to Swami Nithyanand's Sex Tapes Truth and Lies

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From: mensaction@aol.com
Subject: Swami Nithyananda's Sex Tapes...3-6-10
To: syedalimujtaba@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, 13 March, 2010, 4:15 AM

Hi Syed,

Read your even-handed and objective article Swami Nithyanand's Sex Tapes Truth and Lies March 6, 2010 and offer here a viewpoint different from the Western thought upon which it was predicated.

Lets take a look at the conceptual mystical aspect of all personal situations. We create the environment around us. All people do this, not just godmen.

The issues of whether the videotapes were doctored or what degree of involvement the Tamil actress had with Nithyananda, or who tried to frame him are mystically irrelevant. The karma that Nithyananda created that brought about these material conditions has relevancy for godmen do not create negative karma. It took a considerable amount of negative karma to bring about this scandal.

My awareness of the teachings of Swami Nithyananda did not begin with the hubbub about the current sex scandal but started in New York City about a year ago. After meeting with one of his Swamis I read Nithyananda’s book Guaranteed Solutions for Sex, Worry, Fear, Jealousy, Attention-need, Ego and Discontent. The title was what one would expect in the huckstering self-help section of a bookstore rather than one associated with the teachings of a swami.

The monthly magazine of Life Bliss is a glossy multi-colored publication containing offerings of books written by the swami and the promotion of a variety of seminars here and abroad including one for women living independently (I didn’t notice any seminars books or fliers promoting family). The magazine also contains a variety of commercial advertisements.

In addition to reading his materials, and attending a couple of his introductory seminars, I had the opportunity to meet the Swami and be blessed by him at a temple in Flushing, New York after hearing him expound on the teachings of Patanjali.

While his knowledge of matters spiritual did impress me as did his stage presence, I had an underlying feeling that his values were too worldly for a spiritual master and did my utmost to dissuade and elderly women from taking her last dollar to attend the three month seminar in India that culminated at the Ashram at which the scandal took place.

In light of the above, the scandal that occurred at the Bengaluru Ashram does not surprise me. I am not questioning the ability of Nithyananda or his motives, but the high level promotional nature of his activities run contrary to the spiritual approach of the true godman, and they produced negative results.

If you review Ninthananda's materials he exhibits no understanding of the universal principle of gender—the yin and yang from which all life flows—and the natural patriarchal structure necessary to develop and maintain family, the fundamental unit of society. I point this out to you because I received an email from someone yesterday about a subject unrelated to the Nithyananda scandal that contained the following:

India has now strictest feminist laws, angry wife can kick out his whole family and take the house, land and animals. And Indians are demonstrating a bit, and then they will accept the fate. They are equal wimps as Americans. I don't want they accept that fate. I don't want anyone accepts feminist rule.

I had a call from a Muslim friend in Turkey who expressed similar thoughts of what was happening in Turkish society.

You are witnessing the Westernization of the world. Western society is unbalanced; it is feminine and materialistic. It deals with the seen and has no ethics; therefore, it requires laws and penalties in its attempt to maintain societal order and functioning. The only source of ethics comes from men who understand that the purpose of human existence is the propagation and preservation of the species while on its spiritual journey. Ethics are unseen, and it is the unseen that controls the seen. Western society attempts to operate contrary to this principle and is imploding.

When you look upon society as a balance between the seen (the feminine aspect) and the unseen (the masculine aspect) you will understand the patriarchal nature of the universe. Once the gender relationship becomes unbalanced society implodes until balance is restored.

All the valid points you made in your article are but symptoms of the underlying cause, the breakdown of the natural patriarchal structure of society. You can learn more about this message on www.mensaction.net.

I thank you for your consideration.

Elder George


2- I'm afraid I'm a kind of Westerner to find the ashram-business amusing, in the great seriousness of persons going to India NOT to mix with people, or to study or try to understand something or other, or to learn what their religious beliefs might be, but for Answers that may or may not be applicable in the cultures and societies to which they belong.

Some DO find the genuine article, often in an ordinary soul who does not advertise, request $$$, or promise the moon.

All part of a cycle whose saddest, and important manifestation seems the last years' need to invoke laws against pretend saddhus and all others preying upon village superstition. A spate of incidents in MA, AP, UP and beyond have involved artificial holy men offering every kind of appealing promise in return for funds most villagers cannot possibly afford.

The law in MA descends from colonial law of the same strain enforced in times of especial hardship; reports of such charlatans appearing more often, or just having more appeal to the poor. In MA as in AP, if I have it straight, such individuals are to be held responsible for whatever they instruct a person to do...

Returning to the former, in the many occidentals seeking the divine in peculiar corners, I seem to remember a kindly remark by Aubrey Menon... on South Asians going to America expecting money to grow on trees, as Westerners go to India anticipating the Divine. Both kinds of human beings are usually disappointed.

The recent scandal, sex tapes, etc. seems part of a long saga. Indians are to be credited for a philosophical, often chuckling attitude... Lord knows how many legions of Westerners or others they've politely accepted, in their arch Seriousness, interruptions of traffic, long monologues, and yes, the odd scandal, too... am sure the same rough combinations, five centuries ago.

They're not Dull.

Megan S. Mills PHD
198 St Helen's
Toronto CDA M6H 4A1

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From: Ganesh Nagarajan
Subject: Your post on Swamy Nithyananda....
To: syedalimujtaba@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, 8 March, 2010, 6:58 AM

Your post is one of the most insightful, balanced and critical I have read. As I was reading one sensational report after another, I felt sick to my stomach at such unbalanced reporting.

You raise a good point about Yellow Journalism motivated by politics. We are not new to such efforts by corridors of power, especially in Tamil Nadu. I hope there is some forum which could do the required analysis and investigation.

I am neither a fan or a detractor of the said God Man, my sympathies are with the common folks, who seem to be getting it from all the sides, Economy, Politics, and pretend spiritual leaders, all throwing them taxes, expenses and guilt. But such egregious violation of basic journalistic process makes me question the bonafides of the messenger, while being disgusted by the message, which, if true, does untold damage to the fabric of religious society.

Ganesh Nagarajan

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From: manomani manoo
Subject: Thanks for the article in Ground Report
To: syedalimujtaba@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, 8 March, 2010, 3:31 PM

Hi there,

Yours is the only and most intelligent report that I've read.
The queries and analysis are legitimate.
I'm a devotee, but I sure like to know what is actually happening. When I read your article it feels comfortable.
There is no undue accusations and no, for or against him.
Juz ........the bare facts .
Thanks for your good job.
Justice and truth whatever it may be will prevail.
Good jounalism.

In nithyanandam
Aananda Manohari

5 - On Wed, 10/3/10, sunaag suresh wrote:

From: sunaag suresh
Subject: Nityananda Scandal
To: syedalimujtaba@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, 10 March, 2010, 1:13 AM

Hi Syed,

I read your artilcle one internet. Really liked it. Very well balanced. In my subject I referred that person as Nityananda, not Swamy Nityananda. Let him come out clean, if he is. It is pathetic to any relegious sentiments if he does not. He is sitting one crores of rupees on the name of relegion which is tax free. He is diploma holder which itself is controversial. Yes there is privacy which can not be penetrated by any one. No one can put camera in a bedroom which is private. In ashram there is no concept of bed room, people are supposed to sleep in hall, to accommadate more people shelter. There is one TV in the so called bed room, who paid for that? I had to work for almost 7 years to buy a TV. This is all donated by people TAX FREE. Blackmoney has become seed of so called godmen.

I am very sad to see the press conference held by Ashram people. Journalist came with written questions and ashram people came with written answer. Journalists should have asked some particular questions with them, Does swamy have 2 beds in his bedroom? which they know. Does he have TV in his bed room? if yes why? Swamy's give long lecture against TV. That press conference was waste of public money. Who set that fire there? Is it for distroying evidence? Nothing was asked. Why swamy is so particular about kumbhmela this time? do all swamy's visit kumbhmela everytime? Nothing relevant asked Nothing has been answered properly. Why Ashram people are taking questions when theie answer is same as what they spoke where their speach was well prepared.

We need to address real issues. If one has evidence go to court with the evedence then make it a news. No one has filed a case. Police are taking actions without a formal complaint. Are we fools? Where is the FIR? who has lodged on whom?

There is provision for PIL. This kind of practice should be abolished and stopped. Responsible people, be it Ashram or Media can not bypass legal procedures. If a journalists sees one person murdering other, what should be his duty? try to call police? or just engage in recording? then sell it?

Any responsible individual can not shy away from his primary duty in this democratic environment. If he does, he should be punished.

We had a lesson called "The Malefactor" in our school(English Subject). IAn innocent farmer(I think) steals bolts of railway track. He was caught and brought to court. He innocently pleads but court says he should be punished. Then the rule came ignorance of law is not an excuse. You must be knowing this story better.

This is my thinking, I wrote to you because I liked your article, making lots of senses.


6 - From "nahtan abas"

THANKS FOR A very good piece of balanced journalism among the gossip and innuendos propagated by many in the media on this subject.

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