Friday, January 11, 2008

Benazir Bhutto's death was Pre Ordained

Benazir Bhutto's death was Pre Ordained
Syed Ali Mujtaba

The tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto in December 2007 is one of the most powerful events in contemporary South Asian history. The other parallels to this event could be assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1996 and Indira Gandhi in 1984. Even as Scotland Yard sleuths are investing her case and looking for security lapses and her probable assassins there seems some preordained force to be behind her killing. It reminds me of an Arabian Night story that I heard long ago.It goes like this...

There was a king in Arabia with the name Shadad (Hope the name is correct). He was a mighty king, ruling a huge kingdom, sitting at the wealth and opulence that none can dream. He desired to remain that way till eternity. He started working on how to con the angel of death. He built a huge palace and fortified that no one can dare to get near it. He built a communication system to get prompt information about anyone trying to reach him. The most important thing he did was to get a flying horse which can take him to anywhere in the world in just few seconds. He consulted astrologers and soothsayers to know about the date of his death. They told him the date and the time but not the place.
On the due date, the mighty King flew on his horse from Arabia to Malaysia and took refuge in another kingdom assuming that the angel of death will look for him in his own palace and return empty handed. He started feeling nervous as exact moment approached. He started drinking to overcome his anxieties and ordered for the last glass of wine, just seconds before the final moment. As he sipped his glass he laughed aloud to announce that he has coned the angel of death. However, even before his joy could reach its pitch, the bartender who was serving him drinks announced - You are wrong Shadad, I am the angel of death, your appointment with me was not in Arabia but here at this place and at this time. God has asked send me to take out your soul and separate it from your body. This is your final moment in this world.

Well why I gave this long narration of a fairy tale is because I want corelate it to Benazir Bhutto's end. Her death outside the Nishat Park in Rawalpindi was pre ordained. She could have been killed in Karachi in October but there she survived the assassination attempt. In October when she arrived from Dubai to a mammoth reception, she was riding the car and waving to her admirers exposing herself to public view. But just moments before the blasts that took more than 140 people's life, she felt tired and preferred sit inside the car. This singular act saved her life. Well the angel of death was never there for her so she survived to live for another day in this paradise. However, at the Nishat Park in Pindi, she broke the security instructions knowing fully well on the threat to her life. She chose to stand up in the car and expose herself to the public view. It was there the angel of death waited for him in the crowd. Her final moment was not in Karachi but was at Pindi. It was pre set by some known force that no Scotland Yard sleuth can name or round up!
Maut aise jis ka zamana kare afsos
yun tao aae hain duniya me sab marene ke liya

Death should be such that the world feels sorry about
Else every one has come in this world to die one day
Syed Ali Mujtaba is a working journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at

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Raghu said...

When I was reading ur Bangkok story, initially I thought it would be something like a short version of the "Terminal" movie and u being the Tom Hanks!!!!

AAhhh but ur story took another direction :)).....